Exploring the Vibrant Ouachita River Art Gallery in Louisiana

The Ouachita River Art Gallery in Louisiana is a vibrant hub of creativity and artistry, located in Ouachita Parish. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting the art scene in the area and providing local artists with a place to showcase their work. The gallery also celebrates the life and art of Phoebe Allen Mathys, a late art professor at Louisiana Tech University. The gallery hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year, including the annual exhibition of works from local high school students. This year, more than 140 works were submitted and evaluated by a panel of art teachers from ULM.

Fifty-six works were selected for display, and several awards were given out to recognize outstanding pieces. Ella Mayfield won Best of Show for her watercolor and prismacolor piece “Myself”, while Josiah Williams won the Art Program Award for his white pencil piece “Alaina”.The gallery also awards several merit awards each year. This year, Beverly Jean Marvin Awards were given to Megan Calhoun for her acrylic on canvas piece “Wondrous Fantasies”, Harlee Johnson for her Thornton mixed media piece “A Pig's Feast”, and Angel Williams for her soft pastel piece “Fresher than Expected”. The ULM Foundation Merit Award was given to Josiah Williams for his charcoal piece “Husky's Gaze”, and Madison DiCarlo won the Talent Grant for her acrylic piece “La Vie En Rose” (NFS).

Finally, Callan Thornton won both the Northeastern Louisiana Arts Council Award for artistic skill for his oil painting on wood piece “Third of Death” and the People's Choice Award for his charcoal piece “The Picture”.The gallery also offers photography classes and workshops throughout the year. Katelyn Wells recently won the Noble Photography Award and Creativity Award from the Northeastern Louisiana Arts Council for her digital photography piece “Sunset Through Glass”.The Ouachita River Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Visitors can explore the current exhibitions or take part in one of their many classes or workshops. The gallery also offers private tours and special events throughout the year.

Jeri Mcanally
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