Exploring the Fascinating Fisher Museum of Art at USC

The Fisher Museum of Art at USC is an incredible destination for art lovers and a unique and fascinating place to explore and appreciate art. Located in the former home of the Masur family, this museum is the largest visual arts museum in Northeastern Louisiana and has been dedicated to the exhibition and collection of works of art since 1974. Visitors can explore the permanent collection, attend educational programs, and take part in a variety of activities. The museum offers a range of educational programs for both children and adults. Talks with artists, academic conferences, summer art camps, winter workshops, walk-in activities, and art classes are all available.

Art classes include digital photography, painting, collage, engraving, stained glass, book books, and more. The exhibitions on display at the Fisher Museum of Art are partially funded by the Missouri Arts Council. Additionally, solo exhibitions of local artists such as Marshall Smith and her sister Williams have been organized by Northwestern State University (Natchitoches, LA), the Antenna Gallery (New Orleans, LA), and the Acadiana Center for the Arts (Lafayette, LA). Membership in the Fisher Museum of Art provides unique opportunities and helps to maintain a lasting artistic legacy for future generations.

Guided tours of the exhibitions and collections are available to members. The Twin City Art Foundation was formed in 1974 to provide additional support to the museum. This foundation provides funding for exhibitions, educational programs, and the permanent collection. The Fisher Museum of Art at USC is an amazing place to explore and appreciate art.

With its wide range of educational programs and guided tours of its exhibitions and collections, it is an ideal destination for art lovers.

Jeri Mcanally
Jeri Mcanally

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