Exploring Internship and Volunteer Opportunities in the Art World of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Are you looking for a way to gain valuable experience in the art world? The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana offers unpaid volunteer positions and internships for those with a strong interest and enthusiasm for fine art. The Louisiana State Exhibit Museum also provides voluntary internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. In this article, we'll explore the different opportunities available at the art gallery in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

Volunteer Positions at the Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Torpedo Factory Art Center offers volunteer positions for those passionate about fine art. As a volunteer, you will primarily work at the Target gallery, as well as help with the Site Two community gallery, the Site Three project gallery, and seasonal art installations in the common areas of the Art Center.

Necessary gallery tasks include public participation, knowledge of gallery exhibitions and art center programs, installation assistance, closing exhibitions, sales, and more.Volunteering or interning at the Torpedo Factory Art Center is an excellent way to become more involved in the art community and is a vital resource for maintaining the daily operations of the Art Center. If you are interested in working additional days during exhibition installation weeks, as your schedule allows, you can do so as a volunteer.

Internships at The 567

The 567 offers internships for students who are pursuing a career in art and regularly create works of art. As an intern, you will assist the LSEM curator in collection management, exhibition research, educational program development, and public relations. Internships provide students with meaningful, practical experience in museum work to help them in their future careers.The marketing and public relations internship is designed for people interested in marketing and public relations but not necessarily in the visual arts.

Responsibilities include helping teachers with art classes, designing and managing art activities, taking an inventory of art supplies, learning to clean and maintain art supplies, creating online event lists, and other administrative tasks.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship or volunteer position at the Torpedo Factory Art Center or The 567, please send an email to [email address] with your resume attached. In the body of your email, explain why you're interested in the internship or volunteer position and why you think you're qualified or capable.Interning or volunteering at the Torpedo Factory Art Center or The 567 is a great way to gain valuable experience in the art world. Students interested in pursuing careers in public history, museology, Louisiana history, archeology, anthropology, education, or visual arts are encouraged to apply.

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