Smoking in Art Galleries: A Reflection of Evolving Values in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Levee Gallery, FKJ Art Gallery, Ouachita River Art Guild, Laser's Gallery & Frame Shoppe, and Art Designs are some of the most renowned art galleries in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. The Besthoff sculpture garden is a smoke-free environment. Smoking has been a part of art compositions for centuries, but its depiction has changed over time to reflect our evolving values and attitudes. In the past, smoking was allowed in art galleries.

However, today it is not permitted in most gallery spaces. Smoking in art is a subject that is often overlooked, but it can be found in many works of art. For instance, Job Nixon's Portrait of a Man (1891-193) and Sylvia Mallow's Sax (1960s-1970s) both feature smoking as an integral part of the composition. Contemporary artists are exploring smoking in art from the perspective of health and well-being.

Frederick William Elwell's Girl with a Cigarette (1942) is an example of this. It is important to remember that smoking is not allowed inside galleries at the art gallery in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Gallery artists often participate in community events that promote downtown development and support local businesses. Supported by a grant from the Louisiana Arts Division, the Office of Cultural Development, and the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, in collaboration with the Louisiana State Arts Council, and managed by the Northeastern Louisiana Arts Council.

Jeri Mcanally
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