Does the Harn Art Gallery in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Offer Lectures and Talks by Artists and Curators?

The Harn Art Gallery in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana is renowned for its diverse range of exhibitions and collections, as well as its lectures and talks by artists, academics, and curators. Dashti, an artist whose work is featured in the gallery, uses her body as an integral material in her artistic practices to explain her experiences and challenges. Olivia Pettee, assistant at the Ruffin Gallery, spoke with Dashti to discuss the process, inspiration and ideas behind her work. The Harn also presents current trends in contemporary art and the creative possibilities of a wide range of media, such as photography, video, sculpture, engraving and painting.

Christian Camacho, a master's degree holder in Fine Arts from American University, has developed several training initiatives —courses, seminars, workshops and readings— in collaboration with institutions and spaces such as the Tamayo Museum, the Jumex Museum, the Alumni Institute, the PAC-SITAC International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory in Mexico City, ESPAC, Colectivo Neter, Obrera Centro and Bikini Wax EPS. Barbara Campbell Thomas's paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States. The thesis exhibitions at Studio Art are the culmination of four academic years of undergraduate Liberal Arts at the UVa. In addition to the Ruffin Gallery, works by students and visiting artists are frequently exhibited in the RuffStuff and Media galleries on the first floor of Ruffin Hall.

Emily has exhibited her work regionally and nationally including at the Center for Contemporary Art (Ohio), the Riffe Gallery (Ohio), the Loudon House (Kentucky) and the Dougherty Arts Center (Texas). Examples of people on UNDOC+ spectrum are current or former undocumented people while examples of people in the undocumented diaspora are children or partners of people on UNDOC+ spectrum. Each year, the gallery hosts four to six exhibitions that constitute the University's most important showcase of contemporary art and are an integral part of the Studio Art experience.

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